Pipette Sketcher 

The easiest chemistry sketcher you’ve ever used

See how Pipette Sketcher simplifies structure drawing

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A New Way to Draw Structures

Designed For Usability

Designed for usability from the start.

Context sensitive, chemistry-aware user interface presents only those changes that are relevant to the current selection to reduce clutter.

Automatic structure layout and zooming keeps things looking beautiful as you make changes.

Minimizes frustration through an interface designed to avoid mis-clicks and common mistakes.

Fantastic on Touch Devices

Sketcher on iPad

Designed for ease of use on touch devices including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows 8 / 10 tablets and touchscreen laptops
  • Interactive whiteboards

… but it’s still wonderful with a mouse and keyboard!

Use the same sketcher across all of your devices.

Broad Chemistry Support

Chemistry Support

Supported Chemistry Includes:

  • Relative stereochemistry
  • Repeat units
  • Haptic bonds
  • Query features
  • Reactions

Support for additional features is added regularly based on customer feedback.

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Fully web based.

No browser plugins or addins required.

Easy to integrate with your existing web or desktop applications.

Single application uses responsive design to adapt to devices, such as iPhone.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot reporting component available.

Want to try the Pipette Sketcher on your Pipeline Pilot Server?

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