Pipette Analysis

The web-based tool for scientists who need to process, analyse and visualize their scientific data.

No steep learning curve or complex training needed.

Insights into your data are just a drag and drop away.

Combines data management, data pipelining and charting.

Uses your existing Pipeline Pilot services and reports.

Pipette Chemistry Sketcher

The next generation of web-based chemistry sketcher.

Designed for usability.

Proven to be faster than existing chemistry sketchers.

Works seamlessly across your devices - PC, iPad, iPhone, interactive whiteboard, ...

Easy to integrate. No browser plugins needed.

See Pipette In Action

Welcome to Amplified Informatics

We love science. Every small discovery matters. Every experiment. Every assay. It all builds to positively impact everyone's lives. To maximize this, you need to understand all of the data you've worked so hard to collect. That's where we can help.

We believe that you should spend your time understanding your data, not your software. We're tired of scientific applications with page after page of complex forms, unintelligible data models and disparate silos of information ... and we are doing something about it.

We create software that allows you to spend time thinking about your tasks and data, not how to use our software. We create software that lets your science exist beyond your desktop PC and PowerPoint presentations. We create software that spurs collaboration and creativity.

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