Pipette Analysis Pipelining 

Where scientists find, understand and manipulate their data

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Linear Data Pipelining

Allows you to perform sophisticated operations on your data.

Easily combine existing services to augment, manipulate, merge, filter and sort your data.

Get huge quantities of data into the form you need it in.

Works with many data types.

Add, reorder and remove services on the current stack until your data is how you want it.

Pull Data from Other Systems

Provides simplified interfaces to allow scientists to quickly extract key information.

Abstracts scientists from complex data models to allow them to focus on the tasks they commonly perform.

Pipeline Pilot services can extract and combine data from your other applications including:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • Compound Registration Systems
  • Inventory and Supplier Databases
  • Assay Databases
  • Content Management Systems
  • Other Databases and Web Services

Your existing Pipeline Pilot services can be deployed in minutes.

Works on your Touch Device

Designed from the outset for touchscreen devices, allowing scientists to interact with their data when and where they want.

Supported touchscreen devices include:

  • iPad
  • Windows 8 & 10 Laptops & Tablets

… but it’s equally great to use with a PC and mouse.

Manipulate Data with your Existing Services

Runs on your existing Pipeline Pilot server.

No complex changes to your existing services / protocols.

Builds on your existing investment and training.

Recommends services based on what you did previously, so you don’t need to hunt through long lists or complex trees.

Push Data into Reports and Applications

Push datasets into downstream applications.

Built-in visualization and chemistry sketcher applications.

Easy integration with your existing Pipeline Pilot reports and applications.

Drag and Drop File Upload

Simply drag in your files and have your data ready for use in your application in a single step.

Import multiple files at once.

Support for common chemistry, image and other file types.

Grab and Save Data for Later

Quickly drag data from the stack that you wish to keep for future use.

Easily add data to an existing saved data set.

Combine saved data sets.

Automatically detects data changes from external systems.

IT Friendly

All data remains on your existing Pipeline Pilot server … unless you write services to move it elsewhere!

Services obey your current Pipeline Pilot authentication and authorization rules.

Access to the application requires authentication against Pipeline Pilot.

Deploys on your Pipeline Pilot server in under 5 minutes.

No new servers or databases to setup.

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